Wedding Bus Hire Tips

Posted on: 13 July 2021

Planning wedding logistics can be a nerve-wracking activity. More often than not, you will have guests inquiring about the address of the venue, have inadequate parking space, and have no means to transport guests without their cars. Hiring a wedding bus can resolve these problems. Below is a guide with some wedding bus hire tips. 

Tip 1: Choose The Right Bus

Your needs and wedding organisation will determine the type of bus that you will hire. Typically, you should start by establishing the number of people that the bus will ferry. Consequently, you should decide the features that you need on the bus. For instance, you could require ample luggage space and legroom, reclining seats, and a music system. If you have guests arriving from different directions, you could opt to hire more than one bus. Remember to ascertain the condition of the bus that you hire. It would be a shame if the bus breaks down on your wedding day. 

Tip 2: Read The Terms Of The Hiring Contract

Reading the company's terms will help prevent disputes and disappointments once you hire the bus. Below are some things to look out for when hiring the bus: 

  • How long is the hiring period? For example, does the company charge per hour, half-, or full-day? Does the company charge a lateness fee?
  • What is the company's booking policy? For instance, when should you book the bus? How much deposit will you pay? Will you incur penalties for cancellations?
  • What are the company's conduct regulations? For example, are you allowed to fix décor on the bus? Will the company offer a driver? Are snacks allowed on the bus? 

Tip 3: Inform Your Guests About The Stops And Meeting Points

As a rule of thumb, you should inform your guests about the meeting points and the stops that the bus will make. Preferably, ask them to make a confirmation that they will attend the event. It ensures that you book the right bus for your event. Inform guests about their conduct. For instance, you could set a rule that the bus will leave each stop after ten minutes. It will help prevent lateness and complaints if some people are left. 

Tip 4: Have A Transport Coordinator

A transport coordinator is a critical aspect of your logistics. Remember, you will not be accessible on the wedding day. Therefore, you need someone to communicate with the hiring company and the passengers regularly. The coordinator's primary role will be to ensure that guests arrive at the wedding at the agreed time. 

When hiring a wedding bus, choose an appropriate bus, check the hiring terms. Contact guests in advance and have a transport coordinator.