• Separating the Fact From the Fiction When It Comes to a Charter Bus Rental

    Chartering a bus through a charter bus company is a great choice for any number of events; they can be used for local parties or for when you're going abroad and want to take in certain sites, without worrying about your own driving. When you're ready to shop around for a charter bus rental, note a few factors to keep in mind, so you separate the fact from the fiction about such rentals and are sure to get the right bus for your needs.
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  • Should You Choose a Rental Car or a Transfer When You Arrive in the Big City?

    If you're planning a visit to one of Australia's iconic big cities, then you and your family are probably looking forward to an excellent trip together with some rest and relaxation. Of course, you have to work out all the details first and figure out your travel itinerary. One of the elements you need to look at is how you're going to get around when you arrive at the airport. Do you need to rent a car or figure out an airport transfer?
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