Important Questions to Ask When Renting a Party Bus

Posted on: 17 January 2018

Renting a party bus is a great choice for any occasion, even if it's not technically a party! A party bus allows a large group to travel together, and to perhaps even enjoy a drink and some fun music on your way to and from any event, including a concert, game, an office function, and so on. You can even use a party bus for a great tour of the city for you and your friends, so that you enjoy some amazing sights without even getting off the bus! If you're thinking of renting a party bus for an upcoming occasion, note a few important questions to ask about the rental and the bus itself, and this will ensure you choose the right vehicle and don't overlook anything during its use.

Ask what food, beverages and drink mixers are provided

Some party buses will have a fully stocked bar and appetizers or a deli tray of sorts, while others may have a small selection of alcohol and drink mixers, such as vodka, gin, rum, tonic, cranberry juice, cola and other such items. Some buses are considered "dry," meaning that they will have soda and perhaps juice, which might be good if you'll be bringing children onto the bus with you, and don't want them near alcohol.

Some party buses will have nothing more than ice on board, with a cooler or other receptacle that will hold the food and drinks you bring. Whatever the case, always ask about what is provided and what is allowed onboard. Then you'll know what to buy for yourself ahead of time, and will know if there are restrictions as to what you can bring, depending on the age of those on board.

Ask if online images are from their actual buses

Since you want to ensure you choose a quality bus that is in good repair and that looks neat and attractive, it's good to ask if the images you see online are the actual buses for rent. Some companies may use stock images of buses, or may not update their images when they change their inventory of vehicles. In turn, you may wind up getting an entirely different bus than what you expected when the day of your event arrives! There's nothing wrong with asking if the images you see represent the actual buses that are for rent, and this can ensure you choose the best bus for your needs and are not unpleasantly surprised when it arrives.