Tips for Reducing Fuel Costs That Car Owners Should Know

Posted on: 27 October 2017

As fuel prices at the pump station rise, motorists must find ways of saving a buck but maintaining their usual car mileage. Car owners can use different techniques to make a road trip less pricey in today's tough economic times when every dollar counts. Here are useful tips that car owners can adopt to save on fuel.

Low-Interest Rate on Fuel Card -- If you are often on the road, you probably spend a considerable chunk of your money on fueling your car. Therefore, it makes sense to acquire a credit card, which offers you points every time you fill up at a petrol station. There are several reward cards in Australia that collaborate with affiliate companies to help you earn points even when not fueling. However, some reward cards might accrue high-interest rates, and thus, you must ensure that you pay all the fuel balance every month to enjoy the product. Before choosing a fuel reward card, inquire about the interest rates so that you can opt for one that provides the lowest rate. Furthermore, ensure the price you are paying when using a fuel card is pegged to the rate at the pump as opposed to the card price.

Fuel Gift Cards -- Fuel gift cards are an ideal form of saving on fuel cost. You can purchase such tickets almost everywhere including local supermarkets, petrol stations, and online. Furthermore, if you want to separate fuel spending from your debit and credit account, then a discount fuel gift card can help you. Further, apart from paying for fuel at a discounted rate, you can also enjoy additional services such as car washing and purchase of car lubricants. Most importantly, read the terms and conditions of the card regarding the location of use and cause for termination before applying.

Timing is Everything -- Experts in the transport sector recommend that motorists should always buy petrol in the middle of a week, for example, Wednesdays and Thursdays when pump prices are often at an average low. Petrol prices tend to go up as the weekend approaches in anticipation of heightened travels. Therefore, buying fuel during the weeks is not always advisable unless it is an emergency.

Fuel-Buying Habits -- If you always use the same route, it might help if you know the petrol stations available on that route for better planning. Nowadays, there are Smartphone apps that can help you identify all fuel stations on a particular road. Another aspect to bear in mind is how regular you fuel your car to determine if you need a fuel card or if you can just pull up at the cheapest petrol station.