Should You Choose a Rental Car or a Transfer When You Arrive in the Big City?

Posted on: 27 February 2017

If you're planning a visit to one of Australia's iconic big cities, then you and your family are probably looking forward to an excellent trip together with some rest and relaxation. Of course, you have to work out all the details first and figure out your travel itinerary. One of the elements you need to look at is how you're going to get around when you arrive at the airport. Do you need to rent a car or figure out an airport transfer?

Is Renting Really a Good Idea?

You may consider renting a car. While there are definitely some advantages to this approach, is the expense or the hassle something that you really want to incur? Firstly, you have to get the transfer to the car rental plaza and go through all the paperwork. Have you picked the right sized car, bearing in mind that you may have some bulky luggage, golf clubs or other things to stow? Will the insurance company try and sell you additional coverage that you may not have budgeted for, for some reason?

Assuming that you have all the family in the rental car, the next thing you need to work out is how to navigate the maze of roads in the city as you make your way to the hotel. This is always easier said than done, especially when you're tired after a long journey.

When you get to the hotel, how easy is it going to be to park the car? Will you have to pay for daily valet charges and do you really need a car if your main focus of attention is city sightseeing anyway?

Maybe a Transfer Is Better?

Contrast all of this to the relative simplicity associated with an airport transfer. Usually your driver is going to be waiting for you as soon as you come through baggage claim and customs. They will also usually have a vehicle that is more than capable of taking everybody and all of their belongings.

Your main advantage is that the driver is familiar with the area and knows how to get to the hotel by taking the less-travelled routes. They'll also be able to give you some "local" tips to help you make more of your time in the big city.

Finally, when it's time for you to leave, your transfer driver will drop you off right outside the departure gates and you won't have to drive around looking for the rental plaza, which could make you late for your flight.