The Different Types of Cranes Available

Posted on: 16 September 2015

A crane is a piece of equipment that can be used in a variety of different settings to lift or lower materials. This piece of equipment features pulleys and cables that are designed to make lowering and lifting heavy weights possible. This means that cranes are typically used in both construction and manufacturing industries for many different jobs. There are different types of cranes that can be used depending on the type of job site and materials that are required to be lowered or lifted. Different types of cranes differ in many ways, but operation is most noticeable. A crane can be controlled by an operator in the cab of the crane or from a control not attached to the crane.


This is a type of crane that is the most basic in design. If you have an easy project where materials need to be lifted or lowered, this is the most simple type of crane that you can choose for the job. It features a steel truss that is attached to a mobile structure. Cables are what reattached to this type of crane to allow for materials to be lowered or lifted with ease.


This is a type of crane that features a number of tubes that allow you to reach different heights when extended. This type of crane has a hydraulic system that is used to raise or lower the tubes depending on I you want to lift or lower materials.


This is a type of crane that is not mobile and is similar in design to a balance crane. This type of crane is placed on the ground and secured. It offers the ability to lift and lower materials of extremely high weights and is the preferred option during building construction. It is a crane that can be kept in place for an extended period of time if the construction job is long term.


A truck mounted crane is another popular type of crane that is often used on construction sites. This is the ideal crane to use for projects where mobility is a big concern. This crane is attached to a truck with tires and has the ability to extend both horizontally and vertically. This provides optimal levels of stability when high weights are being lifted or lowered.

Each of these crane types can be used to effectively lift and lower materials, but not each one is ideal for every project. Contact a crane hire company for more information.