Using Railroads as Means of Freight Transport

Posted on: 30 June 2015

While railroads might not seem like a modern means of transporting freight, they remain extremely effective, economical, and safe. If you are looking into means of transportation, you should think of railway freight transport as a serious possibility. Here are some advantages of transporting freight through railways, as well as reasons why it is a better and cheaper alternative:

Low Fuel Costs

When compared to other freight transportation methods, trains generally have lower fueling costs. For example, trucks use high amounts of fuel, adding up to a higher cost. In turn, this cost passes on to customers that use automobiles as a way to transport goods. Air transport is even more expensive, since a plane has to be refueled constantly and has a higher operating cost.

Because trains run mostly on electricity, the costs of fuel are greatly reduced. As a result, by using railroad transportation, you can ultimately reduce your operating costs as well as offer your customers lower freight rates.


Because trains are faster than trucks, time is another aspect that you can save in the end. Because trucks have a slower speed than trains and have to stop for things such as railroad crossings or stoplights, the time needed for freight to reach its final destination is highly increased.

Slower transport times lead to lower turnover in terms of goods, since customers have to wait longer periods of time to receive their purchases. Not only do trucks increase transportation costs, they could also have a slowing effect when it comes to sales and production.

Long Distances

For long distance transport, trains are one of the most viable options. The rail infrastructure is extremely well developed in Australia, allowing trains to get to pretty much every destination. Freight trains were designed with long distance travel in mind, and thus the companies that own them can transport goods safely, cheaply, and effectively.

Freight Safety

Because train accidents happen less than truck accidents, railroad transport is generally a safer transportation alternative. If one of the company's trucks gets into an accident and happens to damage the transported freight, it can be an extremely expensive setback. Because such issues usually have a cumulative effect, adding them up will lead to even greater costs. Being less likely inclined to run into an accident, trains prevent the possible expensive costs associated with freight replacement and the repair costs, ultimately saving the company money.

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