2 Things to Consider if You're Travelling by Bus Hire for a Family Holiday Travel

Posted on: 5 June 2015

Going on holiday with your extended family is a wonderful way for the different generations to relax together and create treasured memories. Sometimes though, the logistics of organising outings with large groups of people can be tricky, especially organising transport for sightseeing and day trips. A way to simplify this is to hire a bus for the duration of your holiday.

Here are two key points to consider if you're thinking about taking this route.

Check on licence requirements

Depending on the size of the bus, the driver may need to have an RL licence to drive it. An RL licence is a Rigid Light licence which allows the licence holder to drive small trucks, mobile homes, and small buses. RL licences are easy to obtain and don't involve a practical test. Each state has slightly different requirements, so check with the Department of Motor Vehicles in the state you'll be visiting for more details.

If you're only hiring a mini-bus then you will be able to drive it using your regular car licence. If you wish for multiple people to drive the bus then you will need to make sure that they are suitably licenced and listed as drivers when you complete the paperwork with the hire company. This means that all drivers are properly covered by the insurance policy in case of an accident.

Ensure that children can travel safely

If you have children under the age of seven then they will need to be seated in a suitable child restraint that meets national safety standards. You can use your own restraints or the bus hire company may be able to provide them for you for a small added cost.

If you're planning to use your own restraints then the bus will need to be fitted with secure anchor points. Make sure you include this requirement in your booking so that you don't end up with a vehicle that won't meet your needs.

Hiring a bus is more costly than hiring a car and it also consumes more fuel. However, if you consider that for a large group you would need to hire multiple vehicles, refuel them all, and also pay for multiple insurance policies, then hiring a bus will generally be a much more affordable option.

Consider these two items and you'll be able to enjoy your family holiday. Contact companies like Austwest Charters to learn more about these considerations as well as your options.